EventMobile is the new essential for events. An app that is perfect for events of any size or type that enhances the event experience, powers up interaction and engagement and delivers greater efficiency and additional revenues.  

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EventLive is a display platform that tells the story of your event. A live wall that comprises a set of engaging public visualizations, installed in the premises of an event, generated from social media data and content, as well as other data (e.g. collected from apps) related to the event.

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EventSense is a social media monitoting platform for event managers who care what customers say. Our platform helps event organizers and enthusiasts capture the pulse of large events and event managers gain valuable insights into their impact on attendants

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EventPanel is a powerful back end event content management system which allows for fast and problem free development and real time update of any EventMobile app. The platform is divided in three sections: the mobile content management, the EventLive management and social media analytics.

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