Logo of ImproveMyCityImproveMyCity is a platform that enables residents to directly report to their public administration local issues about their neighborhood such as discarded trash bins, faulty street lights, and broken tiles on sidewalks, illegal advertising boards, etc. The reported issues are automatically transmitted to the appropriate office in public administration so as to schedule their settlement. Reporting is feasible both through a web- and a smartphone-based front-end that adopt a map-based visualization, which makes reporting a user-friendly and intriguing process. The management and routing of incoming issues is performed through a back-end infrastructure that serves as an integrated management system with easy to use interfaces.

Mobility Sense

Logo of MobilitySenseMobility Sense is a new service from infalia that aims to exploit the capabilities of modern smartphones in order to offer citizens personalized information about smart ways for commuting during the rush hour, as well as turn citizens into the living sensors of their transportation network. MobilitySense is able to: a) inform citizens in real-time about the lines that deviate from the time-plan, b) automatically extract the citizens' commuting habits (i.e. the most visited places, arrival and departure time), c) offer personalized commuting advices including only the lines that are evaluated as relevant, c) allow citizens to report written messages about incidents that may influence the good service of the network, e) record the citizen's daily routes and (optionally) upload these routes to a central infrastructure in order to help with the improvement of the transportation network;

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